"Marie-Noëlle Swiderski has executed an exceptional piece of design that demonstrates her skill and professional ability in terms of the quality of design, the originality of the design, and the intelligence and forward-planning with the design, despite a particularly ambitious brief from a particularly demanding client. The brief stated to join two shell and core penthouses to create one 'exceptional' penthouse; that the interiors should be entirely original, but not ‘look’ designed; that the interiors should have a retro feel but through forward-thinking should use modern interpretations of classic design, so that the interior will not look dated even in a decade's time; that the penthouseshould be a home, but without being ‘homely’ in the traditional sense; and that the interiors be a reflection of the stunning seafront location and, in doing so, reinvent the glamour of 1950's Monaco and the French Riviera.     
The resulting finished design is indeed exceptional and has exceeded the client's own expectations. Marie-Noëlle gathered an appropriately unique portfolio of finishes, which inspired awe and wonder when presented to the client. Her professionalism meant that despite the client refusing to state a budget, Marie-Noëlle did not bring a lackadaisical 'no expense spared' attitude to the design, rather bringing an intelligent approach that mixes appropriate materials with forward-thinking finishes, furniture and art to meet the exacting demands of the client. 
Marie-Noëlle's unique approach can only be truly appreciated by an examination of the design drawings combined with a viewing of the chosen materials and soft furnishings, which in the client's view have pushed the boundaries of innovative interior design within the Middle East. "
—Philip Charles Gamett, client, Adriatic Penthouse, Oceana Residences, Palm Jumeirah
"We found Ms. Marie-Noëlle’s interpretation of the client’s requirements to be exceptional which made the effort required by the design team to be greatly reduced. Her wide experience in the industry results in  her ability to appreciate other disciplines such as Sustainability, Mechanical and Electrical engineering.  Furthermore whilst most Interior Designers are focused solely on achieving aesthetic supremacy, Ms. Marie-Noëlle strives not only for aesthetic supremacy, but also for functionality and for engineering excellence, making the interior spaces most functional and comfortable spaces to live in.
In taking her designs from concept to implementation, she thrives on attention to detail, which makes her interior designs truly outstanding."
—Mario Seneviratne, LEED Mentor, MD Green Technologies FZCO


Kitchen: Hacker - Custom Cabinetry: Aden - Custom Upholstery/Curtains: Cyril Furniture - Accessories: Caspaiou